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Receiving root canal treatment is often needed to address an infection in the dental pulp and nerves of the tooth. Many patients dread root canal treatment so much that they will avoid it all together, but this increases their risk of losing teeth. If you have been told you need a root canal, but are hesitant about the experience, Dr. Drew Hines and our team can help you put your fears at ease.

The following tips can help you experience optimal root canal treatment and a pleasant root canal recovery:

– Notify our dentist of any fears ahead of time: We want to know if you have any anxiety over your procedure so that we can work with you to optimize your treatment and keep you comfortable.

– Prepare for your post-op recovery in advance: Following treatment, you may want to eat only soft food for a few days, and you can make your recovery process more relaxing by gathering these items beforehand. You should also coordinate your ride home before your procedure.

– Don’t take your own painkillers beforehand: We will administer pain medication at the time of your procedure, but if your mouth is already numb, you won’t be able to communicate well with us.

– Announce if you take any medications: Dr. Drew Hines and our team need to know of any prescription medications to avoid adverse drug interactions with your dental anesthesia. You may need to speak to your primary doctor in advance about changing your dosage.

– Don’t take alcohol before and after: We need you to be in a sober state of mind to make the procedure easier for both you and our dentist. Your recovery process will also be better if your body is just healing your smile and not trying to overcome alcohol.

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