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Our dentist and dental team are committed to providing your specific dental care need to help you enjoy excellent oral health. Advances in modern dental technology have enabled us to produce high-quality dental X-rays that improve our understanding of your oral care so that we can care for your smile. The purpose of dental X-rays is to diagnose the quality of your dental health and enable us to provide minimally invasive dental treatment.

The many uses of dental X-rays include the following:

– Diagnosing areas of tooth decay developing between teeth
– Determining whether you have suffered bone loss as a result of periodontal disease
– Checking dental fillings for hidden tooth decay
– Screening the tooth root tip at the jawbone for any oral infections
– Evaluating the entirety of your mouth and oral health prior to performing dental treatment

Of the different types of dental X-rays, you can receive occlusal, periapical, and bite-wing X-rays. Occlusal X-rays show all the teeth in both the upper and lower dental arches. Periapical X-rays focus on the entirety of a tooth from the root tip in the jaw to the full crown. Bite-wing X-rays screen the visible portion of your tooth from crown to the bone area.

By taking dental X-rays, Dr. Drew Hines and our team can accurately diagnose your dental health and ensure you receive the appropriate treatments. For more information on the benefits of dental X-rays in Charlotte, North Carolina, we invite you to contact Drew Hines, DMD at 704-366-3526 today.