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At the dental practice of Drew Hines, DMD, we offer dental crown restorations for our patients in Charlotte, North Carolina, who have damaged teeth that make them too self-conscious to smile. Do you have a misshapen tooth or lack sufficient tooth material to support a dental filling? Do you have a dental implant or bridge? Do you have a fractured tooth? If so, then a dental crown restoration may be just right for you.

Once you have a new dental crown placed, you will want to keep up with good oral care to keep your crown well supported by healthy teeth and gums. Preventing tooth decay and gum disease are vital when you have a crown restoration. Let’s take a look at three strategies to ensure your healthy smile!

 Your teeth are not substitute nail clippers or package openers, so beware of using them as makeshift tools. Avoid crunching on hard candies or ice as these can harm your teeth and your crown. When it comes to making sure your teeth stay strong, play it safe!

 To support you crown, brush teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. Pay extra attention to the space where the crown meets the gumline. If you are cavity prone, use a fluoride toothpaste to keep tooth enamel strong, and rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash to fight bad bacteria.

 Supplement your daily hygiene habits by attending all scheduled professional dental cleanings. At your six-month visits, your dental team will remove calculus from your crown and teeth, check for gum disease and signs of tooth decay, and make sure that your crown is in optimal condition.

If you are in Charlotte, North Carolina area or the neighboring communities, please check out our Drew Hines, DMD team. Just call 704-366-3526 today, and let Dr. Drew Hines and our team help you achieve the confident smile you deserve!