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As you probably know, dental work—as well as dental problems—can include more than just your teeth. In fact, dental work can be done to help your gums. But do you know what kinds of issues could require dental work? For instance, you probably know that a dentist may need to do something to help if you have gum disease, but did you know that your gums could need treatment for a variety of reasons? For instance, did you know that swollen gums can lead to a variety of problems?

Sadly, swollen gums are typically caused by one of several issues, and your gums may not return to normal until the issue has been addressed. Unfortunately, this list is fairly extensive. For instance, gingivitis, which is an infection surrounding your teeth, could be the cause of your issue. Pregnancy and malnutrition, illness, medications, and dental appliances could also be the reason your gums are swollen.

Once you have discovered the cause of your swollen gums, you’ll have a few options available. Home remedies, such as rinsing with salt water, may help. Similarly, cold and warm compresses can help. While warm compresses may feel better, cold compress will help alleviate your pain more efficiently. However, please remember to apply the compress to your skin and not directly to your gums.

Similarly, you can use a numbing agent, such as benzocaine, to for temporary relief. Eating cold food will also help numb the discomfort caused by swollen gums as long as sensitivity hasn’t spread to your teeth.

If you do have swollen gums, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us as soon as possible. Our dentist, Dr. Drew Hines, and our team will do everything we can to help with your unique situation. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact Drew Hines, DMD a 704-366-3526. We’re eager to receive your call.