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Oral hygiene can help your child have the strong and healthy smile they need throughout life. However, if they refuse to brush, floss, and rinse regularly, it’s difficult to achieve those smile goals. So, if your child despises their oral hygiene routine, Dr. Drew Hines and our dental team have some tips that might make oral hygiene a little more exciting for them.

Child oral hygiene tools are always beneficial, so when you go to the store, choose a brush, paste, and floss that attracts your child. This can be a tool that has your child’s favorite cartoon or TV character on it. This can help your child enjoy the smile-cleaning process because it’s like their cartoon friends are helping them achieve strong and healthy teeth!

When it’s time for your child to clean their chompers, make it a game. When brushing, encourage your child to create as many bubbles as possible by scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing! You can also help your child imagine that their floss is a superhero. The floss strand can fly into the spaces of the mouth and scrape the bad guys (plaque and bacteria) away to save the smile from scary dental issues!

Lastly, make brushing, flossing, and rinsing a family activity. This can help your child feel like they are part of the oral hygiene party. While you all scrub your chompers, turn on your favorite music and dance along. Oral hygiene can be fun!

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