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The connection between sugarless gum and your smile has only in recent years been truly understood and valued. Sugarless gum can transform your smile into a healthier and happier set of pearly whites. However, the reason sugarless gum can be useful for your dental health has little to do with the gum itself. Save your smile with sugarless gum and these important facts:

– Saliva that is created by the relentless chewing motions involved with chewing gum, is the substance which helps keep your smile clean. Saliva can brush away harmful plaque and neutralize acids that can cause dental erosion to your delicate tooth enamel.
– Chewing gum that contains sugar can also create saliva, but the addition of sugar cancels out many of the bonuses that the chewing gum could have.
– Sugarless gum can be used to enhance your oral health care much the same way mouthwash can, but it cannot and should not be used instead of brushing and flossing
– Sugarless gum can be used for cavity prevention when chewed for at least twenty minutes after a meal.

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