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It’s not uncommon for an individual to experience heightened stress during routine dental procedures. If this is something you have experienced in the past, it’s important to understand that dental anxiety is a recognized psychological condition that millions of American’s struggle with every year. To help reduce these feelings, your dentists, Drs. Hines and Hines, recommend some of the following basic tips.

When you call in to schedule an appointment, please let us know if you’ve had issues with dental anxiety in the past. This will help our team of dental professionals be prepared to take a little extra time to answer your questions and address any concerns. In many cases, being able to ask informed questions helps people with dental anxiety come to terms with the situation.

If your dental anxiety is linked to the feeling that the mouth is an intimate part of the body, it’s important to remember that everyone working at Drew Hines, DMD is a highly trained dental professional. Our goal is to always provide you with the highest level of oral healthcare while helping you feel as comfortable as possible.

Some people find that breathing nitrous oxide helps them relax and ease feelings of anxiety. If this is an option you would like to explore, please feel free to mention it to your hygienist at the beginning of the appointment.

If you have struggled with dental anxiety in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can always call 704-366-3526 to speak with a member of our Drew Hines, DMD team.