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A dental crown in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a hollow replica of a single tooth’s enamel layer. It is anchored on a post-like abutment that was formed from the core structures of the tooth that were suffering from one of the multiple dental issues. The specific problem at hand will determine the materials that your Drew Hines, DMD dentist recommends for the dental crown.

This is based on several factors, including the tooth’s location, primary function and prevalence in your smile.

Gold alloy and base metal crowns are known for being very durable. This makes them a good choice for molars and some premolars as they are often called upon to chew and grind tough foods.

If a tooth needs cosmetic restoration, Dr. Drew Hines will usually recommend a porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown to restore its appearance. The porcelain material can be shaded to match the surrounding teeth, making it appear as if it was one of your natural teeth. This type of crown might also be called for to help augment a dental veneer application where one of the teeth in your smile lacks sufficient enamel to anchor a crown.

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