A Gentle Saltwater Rinse Can Help Clear Your Mouth After an Oral Trauma

Oral trauma can come in many forms and range in severity. Some of the more common causes include sports injuries, household falls, or a bad habit of chewing on foreign objects. Any of these things could cause harm to soft oral tissues, chipped teeth, or damage to your periodontal tissues. Some minor forms of oral… Read more »

What are Your Teeth Made Of?

Did you know that teeth contain two basic parts: the visible crown and the underlying root? The crowns of teeth support you to cut up and grind food for digestion, and the roots anchor the chompers tightly in your mouth. Every tooth in your mouth is made of several layers of oral tissue, including enamel,… Read more »

The Ways Your Oral Health Affects Your Entire Health

Your dentist, Dr. , wants you to have a top-notch oral health, and it’s not just because doesn’t want you to suffer cavities and toothaches. It’s also because having a top-notch oral health can also help you have a top-notch overall health. Little did you know, certain dental issues have been found to be linked… Read more »

Feeding Your Smile the Nutrition It Needs to Thrive

Feeding your smile the nutrition it needs to thrive will help you achieve the smile you want. Supplying your teeth and gums with the nutrients they need, coupled with a strong daily oral hygiene routine, will ensure healthier teeth and gums. At the dental office of , we recommend a nutritious diet for our patients… Read more »

Looking for Whiter Teeth? Try our In-Office Whitening Treatment

Are you tired of your stains or yellowed teeth? Try our in-office whitening treatment. Our whitening treatment is powerful, safe and best of all, can be completed in only one visit. You’ll leave our office with a beautiful, bright smile! Want to know what to expect? Here’s a brief outline of the general process: Step… Read more »

Dry Mouth Can Cause Oral Health Problems

Your mouth is a very complex part of the body with many components and structures all working in concert to perform a vast range of tasks. When any one of these elements is compromised it can have a significant impact on your overall oral health and function. Your saliva plays an important role in many… Read more »

Dental Health Care Focus: Sugarless Gum

The connection between sugarless gum and your smile has only in recent years been truly understood and valued. Sugarless gum can transform your smile into a healthier and happier set of pearly whites. However, the reason sugarless gum can be useful for your dental health has little to do with the gum itself. Save your… Read more »

Keeping Your New Dental Crown in Optimal Condition

At the dental practice of , we offer dental crown restorations for our patients in , , who have damaged teeth that make them too self-conscious to smile. Do you have a misshapen tooth or lack sufficient tooth material to support a dental filling? Do you have a dental implant or bridge? Do you have a… Read more »

How to Help Your Child Become Excited About Their Oral Hygiene Routine

Oral hygiene can help your child have the strong and healthy smile they need throughout life. However, if they refuse to brush, floss, and rinse regularly, it’s difficult to achieve those smile goals. So, if your child despises their oral hygiene routine, Dr. and our dental team have some tips that might make oral hygiene… Read more »

How Dental Sealants Work for Children

Are you tired of fighting the war against cavities? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people look for ways to help their children fight this fight on cavities. That is why dental sealants are popular when it comes to protecting your child’s smile. Here at in , , our team is dedicated to… Read more »