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Oral trauma can come in many forms and range in severity. Some of the more common causes include sports injuries, household falls, or a bad habit of chewing on foreign objects. Any of these things could cause harm to soft oral tissues, chipped teeth, or damage to your periodontal tissues.

Some minor forms of oral trauma can be treated with some simple first-aid, while others might require more professional care from a highly trained dentist like Dr. Drew Hines.

In many of these cases the first step in calls for clearing the mouth of excess blood and any other unwanted material. This can often be done with a gentle rinse with lukewarm saltwater. Not only will this serve to give you a better view of the traumatized area, it can also help soothe injured soft tissues in your mouth.

If soft tissues start swelling you might be able to manage it by lightly pressing a cold compress to the area for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. You might also be able to minimize pain by rubbing a topical oral anesthetic on the area, or by taking a standard dosage of an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication.

If the problem is significant, you should consider calling 704-366-3526 to have it examined and treated by our oral care specialists at Drew Hines, DMD in Charlotte, North Carolina.