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Are you tired of your stains or yellowed teeth? Try our in-office whitening treatment. Our whitening treatment is powerful, safe and best of all, can be completed in only one visit. You’ll leave our office with a beautiful, bright smile! Want to know what to expect? Here’s a brief outline of the general process:

Step 1: Our friendly staff here at Hines Dentistry will welcome you and help you get comfortable in one of our dental chairs. We’ll then prepare you for your whitening treatment by protecting your lips and gums from the whitening gel.

Step 2: Dr. Drew Hines will apply a safe and effective whitening solution to the surfaces of your teeth.

Step 3: After some time, we will activate the solution with a special light, helping the whitening agent to penetrate into your tooth enamel and break up any stains.

Most patients find they are satisfied with just one treatment, but you have significant stains and are looking for an exceptionally white smile, you may find that you need more than one visit to complete the whitening process.

If you are interested in our whitening treatment, please call us at Hines Dentistry in Charlotte, North Carolina at 704-366-3526 to schedule your treatment today!