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Do you require a dental implant? Dental implants are tooth replacement services used to replace teeth that have otherwise run their course. If a tooth is missing or no longer useful, for your oral health it should be replaced with due haste. A void left behind by a missing tooth can cause infection, plaque buildup, or cause other teeth to move. Listed below are some dental implant guidelines to remember:

TRUE or FALSE: Dental implants, like dentures, can be removed when necessary.
– Dental implants cannot be easily removed without the advanced help of a dentist. Because they are installed directly into the jawbone, there are no worries of them easily falling out or becoming dislodged.

Which ailments can dental implants repair?
– Dental implants can act as replacements for missing, lost, dead teeth, or teeth so badly damaged they must be replaced.

Why are dental implants needed?
– Dental implants can be crafted to give you the natural-looking artificial teeth you require. They are extremely strong, they can improve your oral health compared to missing gaps, they can fill out your facial structure, and with proper care, they can last a lifetime.

What choices are there for tooth replacement treatments?
– Drew Hines, DMD offers dental implants, dental bridges, and partial and complete sets of dentures to improve your smile and restore your missing teeth.

If you have any missing teeth or have recently undergone a tooth extraction, it is in your best interest to have them replaced as soon as possible. Dr. Drew Hines and our team at Drew Hines, DMD will help you with your oral health care in any way we can. If you would like to schedule a visit to our dentist office in Charlotte, North Carolina, please call us at 704-366-3526. We look forward to having you as our guest soon.